When to Contact a Specialist about Hip Pain

Your hip is designed to help your body perform a vast number of functions, from sitting, sleeping and standing. When there’s pain in the area, it can be difficult to function at a normal level. Many ignore the pain with over-the-counter medications, while others immediately rush into interventional procedures. While both are valid options, you’ll need to understand the pain and possible causes to have a beneficial conversation with a specialist.

Hip Pain


Your hip should able to withstand a gentle amount of exercise on a regular basis. But when a specific movement inflames pain in the hip, there may be a problem lurking under the surface.


The way a driver sits during his commute is uncomfortable for most people. However, those with hip issues will experience a greater amount of pain. Hip pain that occurs when driving can often reflect issues with the joint. This pain increases during longer drives.

Pain Relief

There are a wide-range of over-the-counter medications on the market designed to combat swelling and pain. Additionally, others will try a combination of heat and cold therapy. But if the pain in your hip cannot be reached by these methods, a specialist will need to examine your hip joint to determine the source and recommend a treatment.